Do you need to convert your single or two phase to three phase?

With a power converter, this allows the use of any 3 phase equipment such as olive press, irrigation pumps, refrigeration, etc where 3 phase power is not available on site.  Changes 2 Phase 480 volt input to 3 Phase 415 volt output.

Only selling due to Powercor is putting all our power underground so we are changing to 3 phase mains supply at the same time.  This unit is basically brand new… so a real bargain to grab here!


  • 3 Phase Power Converter.
  • Suit a small olive press, such as Olio Mio 100 or 150.
  • Way cheaper than installing 3 phase power!
  • Made in 2016 by Phase Change Converters.
  • Used for 2016 season only for about 7 days.
  • Max output: 9kW.
  • Costs $6,800 new. Price $5,000 ONO.

Location VIC – REF: MC022017





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