Welcome to the home of Used Olive machinery!

Used Olive Machinery is a place where Olive Growers can list used machines in the field of:

  • Olive Oil Extraction machinery; olive presses, olive oil plants and more; Oliomio, Buonolio, Fimo, Pieralisi, Alfa Laval and more….
  • Olive Harvesting machines; mechanical olive harvesting and hand held olive harvesting units; Collard pruning units
  • Spray units for olive orchards
  • Bottling machines for olive oil filling
  • Labelling machines
  • Olive Groves/Orchards for sale
  • Bird scare units
  • and much more…

However, the other component to the site is you are also able to list your products for other Growers to see (these listings are free);

  • Olive Oil For Sale
  • Olive Oil Wanted
  • Table Olives For Sale
  • Table Olives Wanted
  • Fresh fruit requirements for olive oil or table olives

http://www.olivemachinery.com is a subsidiary of The Olive Centre

Charges apply.  Please contact us about making your listing today?

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