Selling due to upgrade. The system is in full working order. Existing Plant: Olio Mio, 1999 consisting of 3 modular units; DLE (Leaf Removal, Fruit Waster & Auger), F2G/250 (Crusher & 2 Malaxing Bowls with transfer), D/250 (Decanter unit with twin centrifuges). Needing machine sold to make way for the new system. MACHINE HAS BEEN […]

Producer is expecting 350 to 400 tons Kalamata olives this harvest. The size of Kalamata also very good this year. Seller is wanting to sell these olives as raw but other options will also be considered. Option 1. If the customer wants to harvest no problem. Option 2. If they want us to harvest the […]

Wanting good quality olive oil processing machines from 2T/hr through to 5T per hour. Please send details to: